Sun, fun and chalk art in Pleasanton!

Today was a successful day for Pleasanton arts. Under the heat of the sun, I saw exciting art work on the streets of Downtown Pleasanton, created by professional drawers, amateurs and kids. Great musicians and bands entertained the many visitors at the festival throughout the day.
I want to share one of the drawings with you – my personal favorite of the day. The artist used the full size of a parking space for this piece of art.

Chalk Art

What a PLEASANT day!



Top 15 qualities of successful MBA students

Plan ahead

Before the first day of class, make sure you are familiar with the environment on campus, public transportation, the school facilities, the class schedule and location of your classes. It will reduce your nervousness to a great extent.

Establish a schedule

Time management is the key. A schedule or “To-Do list” will help you organize the tremendous workload throughout the program. Planning your time wisely is particularly important for those with side jobs, full-time jobs and families.

Be open-minded

You will meet people with various cultural backgrounds. Most MBA programs require teamwork and team project. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to work and interact with multicultural groups.


Reading builds the foundation of knowledge and is a huge part of the coursework. However, being able to read even dry topics in a timely fashion is crucial. Practice skimming texts for the central messages and develop your reading skills that will help you with textbooks, case studies and lecture notes.


Being a good communicator is a huge advantage. People use the MBA to leverage their career, connect with people from different industries and build valuable professional networks. Use this opportunity and manage your career!

Know what you want

Successful MBA students have a clear vision of what to pursue in the future. They are determined to achieve their goal and know how to get the best out of the program.

Challenge yourself

Take on responsibilities and have a try at things you used to be averse from or even hostile to.


In order to make your MBA a success you should use every chance you can get to demonstrate and improve your leadership/management skills.

Think Big

As a MBA student you will learn how to think creatively, but also how to put your innovative ideas in the big picture and judge your thoughts with good business sense.

Stay focused

If you have identified an area of interest for yourself, don’t get too distracted by other trends. Keep in mind what matters most to YOU and remain self-disciplined.

Don’t worry

The MBA is not easy, but everyone has to complete the same assignments. For many companies, grades are not the most decisive criterion for employment and more often learning is more valuable. Especially when you pursue the program in a foreign country, take the time to learn something about the culture, meet with locals and enjoy your stay.

Be a team player

Studying in small groups with your fellow students will benefit you. You will build soft skills and develop your personality.

Sharpen your business sense

Strategy is one of the most important concepts taught in MBA programs. As a future leader you should have developed corporate awareness, good business sense and be able to apply concepts to real life scenarios.


If you have the chance to work part-time or as an intern parallel to the MBA, use it! It will give you the opportunity to apply what you have learned, improve your skills and leave a good impression on your resume.


Successful MBA students have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. They are creative, innovative, committed to success and exceptionally motivated.

Boston Bombing!

Boston Bombing!

Yesterday’s bombing attack in Boston is keeping many people across the country in shock. I want to dedicate this blog to the suffering, to those who have been directly or indirectly hit by this tragedy.

I was impressed by the impact social media technology and social media platforms had right after the event and how they leveraged the kindness of the human spirit. Twitter, Facebook and many other pages provided not only sources of information (frankly, not all of which are true), but most importantly created empathy and formed communities of generous people.

We’ve reached a new level of giving people hope when the walk is hard.

Pray for Boston!

Getting My Head Around Social Media

Frankly, I have never really been involved with social media. My laptop is seven years old and I still use my very first phone, a Sony Ericson W810i which allows me to call and text-message my friends.
I’ve also created a Facebook page. However, I don’t like to share private details about my life or let people know that I just had spaghetti ice at the movies. Instead, Facebook works for me as a global address book with mostly personal, but lately also professional connections. With regard to my studies, using this technology has truly enhanced my ability to communicate conveniently and fast with my classmates.

A few days ago I was on the train to San Francisco when a group of girls walked in, dressed up and ready to spend the night out in the city. Instead of talking and communicating their excitement verbally, however, they were staring down on the screen of their smart phones, engaging in more or less smart activities. Unfortunately, I feel the use of social media has replaced face-to-face communication to a great extent and is going to limit personal interactions. Nevertheless, social media is having a positive impact on civic engagement in the world. Due to technology people have the opportunity to involve in almost everything. When Obama was first elected president, it was his social media campaign run by a 21-year old Harvard student that sparked people’s interest in political participation and made the election a success. So who knows… those girls on the train may have been initiating a nation-wide campaign to raise awareness of exorbitant tuition fees in California, using social media to create a platform for thousands of followers.

Social media has also positively contributed to my civic engagement, particularly in raising awareness of the powerful impact social media can have. The Arab revolution started on Facebook, reaching out to thousands of people ready to join demonstrations. The social media activities eventually caused international attention and support. It is inspiring to see how people can use social media as a tool to engage in something, take responsibility and make a difference.

A small step for a man a giant leap for mankind

33 hours and 8,000 miles between my old home in Germany and my new residence in San Francisco…
On July 2012, I started a MBA program at California State University, a year full of excitement and fun yet to come.